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At Construction by Design Group, bridge painting and coating has been our bread and butter for a very long time. We’ve painted and coated all types, large and small, from as far back as our very first day in business. But just because we have over twenty years experience with these structures doesn’t make the job any easier. 

Bridge painting and coating projects are huge, multi-faceted jobs that are just as unique as the bridges themselves. Every project, whether it’s highway, rail, or pedestrian, requires a strict plan of action that covers all of the various services needed, working with local transportation departments, environmental containment, safety concerns, and more. Without the right knowledge, it can quickly overwhelm a contractor who isn’t up to the challenge. 

Construction by Design Group brings all of its tools and talents to the table no matter what the bridge project. We’ll do it all: lead abatement, surface preparation, fireproofing and applying the perfect high performance coatings that will keep the bridge beautiful for years to come.

Moreover, Construction by Design Group will get the job done safely, on deadline, and with quality that is second-to-none. We’ve built our reputation on it.