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Entropy Coating Solutions is the leading installer for Chesterton’s ARC coating which  provides superior performance against erosion, corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack. Industry faces adverse environmental conditions that attack components and structures and result in compromised plant reliability and safety and lost profits. When cementitious or metallic surfaces are subject to aggressive industrial application environments you can rely on Chesterton’s 100% solids, low VOC protective linings.

Concrete Composite Systems
ARC Concrete Composite Systems (CCS) repair, rebuild and protect all concrete structures from abrasive, corrosive and chemically aggressive environments.
Metal Composite Systems
ARC Metal Composite Systems (MCS) repair, rebuild and protect all types of industrial process equipment and structures from abrasive, corrosive and chemically aggressive environments.
Chemical Processing      
ECS’s unique combination of technical knowledge, local service, and high-performance products deliver the expertise required at chemical processing plants around the world.

Commercial Water
ECS’s local service specialists, equipped with a wide range of products, are available to work with you and provide the information, expertise, and training that will produce results.

Food and Beverage
ECS meets the demands of food and beverage companies with quick, efficient solutions combined with knowledgeable service. We have a wealth of experience at providing the right solution for the application.

Residential Construction
ECS has developed targeted solutions to service the residential market to reduce cost by completing projects on time and within budget.

Hydrocarbon Processing
The refinery industry continues to build capacity to meet growing demand while reducing fugitive emissions and production costs. ECS‘s products are designed to assist these plants achieve their goals.

ECS’s marine fluid sealing program brings you dry-dock to dry-dock reliability with local supply and service in every major port of the world. Our simplified inventory program streamlines and standardizes purchase requirements and makes selection fast and easy.

Mineral and Ore Processing
Processing ore requires heavy duty products to withstand the aggressive environments involved and ECS has an enormous wealth of solutions, derived from understanding the tough demands of processing iron, nickel, aluminum, copper, phosphates, and other minerals and ores.
Commercial Properties
ECS has a dedicated OEM team to provide technical sales and support to original equipment manufacturers around the world. Our highly experienced regional manager’s work directly with the manufacturers to provide unique, value added solutions, ranging from the most demanding and complex, to the most basic and common.

Cleanliness and traceability are important requirements for the Pharmaceutical industry. ECS technologies provide low risk, unique solutions that meet the stringent process requirements in today’s Pharmaceutical manufacturing environments.

Power, Fossil
ECS has been working with fossil power plants to increase equipment reliability and we continue to provide innovative solutions to the industry.

Power, Hydroelectric
With focus on maximizing plant efficiencies, ECS_offers unique solutions to the hydroelectric power industry that have been proven to increase equipment reliability.

Power, Nuclear
With years of experience in this industry, our field service specialists provide logistical and technical support to make sure your plant outages operate smoothly. ECS provides the bundle of products and services to streamline your process.

Pulp and Paper
The pulp and paper industry requires robust, heavy duty products that withstand tough applications.

Through ECS’s extensive experience in this industry we are able to offer a wide range of products are proven performers across all sections of the paper mill.

Maintaining infrastructure is an essential requirement for the wastewater industry. ECS’s products provide the reliability and durability demanded by the Wastewater industry.