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The upstream and midstream segments of the oil and gas industry present an array of unique challenges as they move oil and gas toward refineries. Given the drive to cut capital costs and the need to adhere to strict environmental regulations that are inherent in this industry, the long life of a coating system and effective protection of assets is essential.

ECS employs all types of anti-corrosion coatings for the oil and gas industry, including drilling, wellhead and sub-sea equipment. These typically feature intumescent and heat-resistant properties, high levels of abrasion resistance and the durability to increase component life.

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  • Offshore oil and gas production presents some of the most demanding conditions a coatings system can be subjected to. Constant contact with rough seawater and prolonged exposure to penetrating UV rays threaten to make the life of a coating system short. But in offshore environments, where frequent maintenance is not an option, coatings must have a long service life. They also tend to require advanced personnel safety considerations given the working conditions. These may include non-skid coatings on decks, high-visibility colors and fire and heat resistant coating.

Coating for Oil & Gas Industry

  • Improving production

    Our coatings help reduce friction and helps with the increase flow of oil and gas through the network, thereby; improving production.

  • Environmental abatement

    Corrosion is a major factor in leaks throughout the gas and oil pipeline network. Which can lead to major environmental incidents. ECS's corrosion control coatings can help reduce the occurrence of these incidents, thereby; protecting our environment.

  • Providing maintenance control

    At ECS, we understand that the oil & gas industry has its own unique challenges. We supply a full range of protective coatings systems for every aspect of the industry, from oil rigs and pipelines to unconventional oil exploration & refineries. These solutions will help extend the life cycle of your network infrastructure.


The oil and gas industry is a tough market that requires tough coatings. ECS has the experience with corrosion resistant coatings and industrial fireproofing necessary to protect your assets from the elements.

Climate, temperature and physical location of the pipeline. ECS offers solutions that can be applied and function in these diverse climates. Pipelines can be run underground, underwater or above ground. Each installation application presents its own unique pipeline coating challenges.

Physical state of fluid being transported through the pipeline; liquid and gaseous fuels are not harvested in a clean state. There are impurities present in harvested fluid. When flowing at high speed through a pipeline, these particulates become abrasive. ECS offers various coating solutions that are highly resistant to the corrosive nature of a variety of particulates at high flow rates or to liquefied natural gas, which is transported at cryogenic temperatures.

Viscosity: Efficient pipeline coatings need to be appropriate for a wide range of fluid viscosities.

Flammability: Both the fluid in the pipeline and the coating material prior to curing may be extremely flammable. Many coating methods to date require application of open flame. This creates a potential fire hazard at the work site. For this application, ECS's coating compounds are not flammable.

Oil and gas protective pipeline coatings must be divided into two separate categories, each with its own unique and demanding requirements: Internal Coatings and External Coatings.