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When metal surfaces need to look new again, sandblasting is a time-tested method of surface preparation. Entropy Coating Solution Group has experience with various blast media and years of experience with this method of surface preparation.

We own our own sandblasting equipment, including dust collectors, reclaiming units and industrial vacs. This means that we get to your project quickly, so we can get started quickly. It also means less time spent with your asset out of commission and increased savings, since we’re not passing you the bill for expensive equipment rental fees.

We also make sure the operators of our sandblasting equipment are familiar with the latest industry techniques and SSPC sandblasting standards. Our staff maintains a long list of industrial painting certifications, including surface preparation techniques pertaining to various blast media, filtering, recycling and dust collection.

If you’re ready to discuss surface preparation for your next painting job, get in touch with us through the link below. We’ll discuss your sandblasting project and talk through the best way to achieve your goals for your facility or asset.