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Entropy Coating Solutions provides thorough NACE Coating Inspections to meet your project needs. Our NACE-certified coating inspectors have a variety of inspection experience working with coatings for fabrication, manufacturing, rehabilitation and restoration projects. Their experience spans work such as bridge, marine, structural, architectural, commercial, and residential projects.

The cost of corrosion is escalating and, you, as an asset owner, want to be confident that you are receiving the quality work you ask for. You want your bridges, pipelines, tanks, stadiums, and other structures to stay protected for a long time with minimal future repairs. Independent Coating Inspection Services help any asset owner of industrial and commercial structures mitigate the risks of corrosion by verifying the quality of protective coating systems.

ECS’s primary focus is to help clients meet the NACE coating inspections requirements section(s) of governing contract documents by performing Quality Audits, Quality Assurance monitoring and required Quality Control testing.

Take a look at our Project section on some of our NACE Inspection work.