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As the need for fresh clean water grows, its become more important to maintain a municipal water storage facilities. As the supply of fresh, drinkable water has become scarce in certain regions of the country, corrosion protection of the water towers has force governments to sustain their longevity..

Entropy Coating Solutions understands the importance of keeping these water towers in good conditions. For more than twenty years, we’ve been applying the most appropriate coatings to power plants, bridges, smokestacks and industrial structures of all types to keep them working at peak efficiency and looking their best. We can also clean up older water towers with surface preparation and apply a fresh coat of paint that will ward away damage caused by the elements.

The way we store potable drinking water may be evolving, but the need to keep equipment and structures free from corrosion never changes. Entropy Coating Solutions aims to continue our stellar history of quality industrial paint and coatings service today and well into the future.